Oh hi, I’m Haley!

and I want to help you transform your home to support & maintain a healthy plant-based lifestyle!

Just like you, I wear a lot of different hats! By day, I’m a plant-based nutrition and lifestyle coach, animal activist, entrepreneur, product creator, and . But I’m also a busy mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I’m an outgoing adventurous nature girl, a wannabe sea diver, and a big fan of yoga, speed cleaning, and banana pancakes. (mmm nana pancakes)

My story starts one night after a frat party in college. Sounds exciting right? Not exactly. While grabbing a bite to eat with my friends I had some sort of allergic reaction that turned my entire body red as a stop sign. From that day on I started having daily allergic reactions. I would turn red, my hands would swell, and I would get hives on my face and body. You can imagine as a college cheerleader this was not only uncomfortable and embarrassing, but most importantly what the heck was wrong with me?

After weeks of not knowing what to do, I started researching (what I do best), I stopped trying any new products (skin care, shampoo, lotion, deodorant), stopped wearing perfume, started using safe laundry detergent, and made the switch the natural products, but nothing helped. Naturally, I then started to pay attention to all of the ingredients in the products I was using. 

After consuming several plant-based books and documentaries and hours of research, I started eating a more whole foods plant-based diet.

And guess what? Allergic reactions were almost non-existent. 

I was happy. I felt great. I had lots of energy. My skin was clear and glowing and I was sleeping better. I had no doubt in my mind that it was the best thing for me.

And then it came to me one day, what if something I am eating is causing the allergic reactions?

I found a new doctor, got a food allergy test, and boom! I have a wheat allergy. After all of that! I was happy to finally have an answer but why did I have to figure this out by myself?

I was fed up with the medical system. No more pills and medications, no more doctors (unless seriously needed), no more hospitals or routine visits, no more vaccines. No more telling me that I needed to use the medical system to be healthy. I was done! (wipes hands clean)

I knew I wanted to live a healthy holistic life and raise my family in a plant-based way. I very slowly got the hang of a plant-based diet (not without lots of struggle) and convinced my husband that this new way of life was the best thing for us, and he didn’t say no.

We decided to start a family and I continued to eat a plant-based diet while I was pregnant. Like most moms, I did hours of research looking for the best and safest foods and products for my baby.

I was heartbroken by what I found. of what we bring into our home is toxic! The foods we are recommended to eat are known to cause cancer and the products we are told are safe contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Why?

 The standard American diet & lifestyle is completely failing us and our planet. In todays world, you have to be very intentional with the food and products that you bring into your home, and with all of the misinformation out there it’s hard to know what to believe.

I booked an appointment with an allergist and she recommended that that I take double the amount of allergy medication that I was already taking and obviously not helping. Useless!

I soon realized that medicine is doing nothing but putting a bandaid on the problem. I needed to figure out why my body was responding the way it was, what was causing me to experience these types of reactions?

Just a short time later I watched the very eye-opening documentary called “What the Health” and was introduced to a whole foods plant-based diet. I knew immediately that it was the answer I was looking for. I threw away all the animal products in my kitchen and never looked back. 

A little backstory: Prior to having these allergic reactions, I’d been well versed with the medical system. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 10 years old and was put on medications and took them on and off for around 15 years. Fast forward to junior year of high school, I started experiencing bad stomach aches and a lot of discomfort. We saw several doctors and specialists, had several tests done, but no real answers. They ultimately decided the best thing was for me was to have my gal bladder removed. 

Now as an adult I cant help but think, was all of this even safe for me? Wasn’t there a healthier way? I was determined to figure it out.

So that’s why I started Our Plant-Based Home! I wanted to create a place where moms can find evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle guidance in order to confidently transition their families toward a more plant-based lifestyle. 

Together we can live healthy wholesome lives, save the lives of millions of animals, and support a healthy planet for our kids future! 

So far I have helped hundreds of families transform their lives and I hope yours is next! 

Thanks for being here,


I’ve spent the last 5 years studying plant-based nutrition and have had the pleasure of learning from some of the leading doctors, nutritionists, and organizations in the plant-based community. I received my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.